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St. Clement’s High School, Medford, Massachusetts

St. Clement’s High School - Medford, MassachusettsThis project exemplifies our ability to apply our construction experience and knowledge of building systems and components to bring a project within budget. The original estimates for the project were all in excess of $3M and well over the project budget. DeIulis Brothers was the low bidder and worked with the architect and owner to redesign the project and bring it within budget. Accomplishing this goal required a careful analysis of the structural and system requirements for the building, recommending and implementing alternative designs and systems. The following factors added the the challenge of this project:

  • The building occupied the entire site and was situated at the corner of two heavily traveled roadways
  • Extensive manual handling of materials was necessary to carry out the masonry work, with the bulk of the masonry work taking place under cover during the winter months. DeIulis Brothers’ ability to self perform the masonry work was a major asset on this project