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Operating Philosophy

We bring the highest level of commitment and dedication to each and every project we undertake.  This is evidenced by the personal involvement of firm principals at every level of our projects.  We fully appreciate the need for and the importance of continuity to have effective and successful management and supervision of a project.  For that reason, once a project has been assigned a project manager and a superintendent those individuals will stay with the project until its completion, through punch list.

Our estimating, value engineering, scheduling, subcontractor selection, procurement, and project management functions are handled by the same individuals.  Combining these responsibilities insures that the individual assigned to manage the project is fully knowledgeable and focused, making for a more fluid transition into the construction phase and enabling the project manager to better assist and guide the project superintendent from the outset.

There is constant interaction and communication between our project managers and our project superintendents.  Our general superintendent is an active and visible presence on site, at times on a daily basis.  We keep on top of subcontractors throughout the project, insuring timely submittals and adherence to project schedule.  We are able to effectively manage key phases of a project because of our ability to add resources and manpower as the schedule dictates.  Our general superintendent will dedicate himself when the need arises and assist the project superintendent with a particular operation or through a critical phase.

We also maintain active lines of communication with the project architect and owner’s project manager.  We do this by initiating RFI’s, where appropriate scheduling a meeting with the architect and/or consulting engineers, and attempt to come to a quick resolution.  We also hold regular project meetings (weekly or bi-weekly depending upon the project), at which open issues can be discussed and resolved through collaboration and cooperation.  Open items will be tracked and discussed at each meeting until resolution is reached.  Schedules will be reviewed and updated for each meeting accompanied by a narrative of the milestones attained and scheduled for completion.