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“In House” Construction

DeIulis Brothers performs a large percentage of work with its own forces.  Having control over the actual work enables us to schedule and carry out key phases of a project in a timely manner.  While we prefer to perform the following work with our own forces, we may subcontract some of this work if it is advantageous to the owner for cost and scheduling reasons.

Demolition Work:    We have the resources and the capability to perform selective interior and exterior demolition.

Site Work:    We perform our own site work using our own equipment, including excavation for foundations, excavation for and installation of site utilities and drainage; as well as the installation of site improvements, including curbs, walks and the like.

Concrete Work:    We perform all concrete work with our own forces, including footings, foundations and slabs.

Masonry:    We perform all masonry work with our own forces.  In many cases, the masonry is the most visible external feature of a project.  We pride ourselves on the quality and diversity of our masonry work, which can be seen on the many projects we have done over the past 40+ years.

Rough Carpentry:    We rely on our own forces to carry out this work, which is a great asset on time sensitive projects.

Finish Carpentry:    We perform all finish carpentry with our own forces and take similar pride in the craftsmanship of our carpenter employees.

DeIulis Brothers is a full service general contractor