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About Us

Since 1958 we have built each job on the same foundation, our family’s experience and integrity, dedication to craftsmanship and pride in our work.

They came from Carapelle, Italy, a small mountainous village east of Rome, where they farmed the land, cultivated olives, and developed a strong work ethic. The elder sons, Mario and John, left home in their late teens, going to Belgium where they worked in the coal mines to help the family financially. Similarly, their father Pasquale had gone to Africa to work on construction projects for the Italian government. Beginning in 1954 the family began the slow and lengthy process of immigrating to the United States. Like many immigrants before them, they came to America in search of a better life. Because the family was so large, eleven children in all, it took several years before the entire family arrived.

They settled in Lynn, where John and his father had first arrived and purchased a home for the family. They began working in construction and learned masonry. After Mario arrived he also began working in construction. While working full time day jobs, Mario and John started to do side jobs together, working nights and weekends. They had become skilled masons and even began buying vacant parcels of land and building homes for sale. The first homes they built were unique and reminiscent of their native country, cinder block walls and stucco finish. To this day if you venture around Lynn you can quickly spot the first homes built by Mario and John.

In 1958 Mario and John decided it was time to try to work at their business full time. They continued building and selling homes and they became well regarded for the quality of their work. Their masonry skills also became well publicized and kept them busy doing subcontract work. The workforce needed to grow to keep pace with the work. At first they were joined by their father and would be helped by their younger brothers after school and during vacations. As their younger brothers came of age they each learned a trade and joined the business full time. Carpentry became an added skill. Their sisters also contributed by marrying men with construction experience who also came into the business. In 1968 Mario and John’s younger brother Frank, who had graduated from the University of Massachusetts with a degree in civil engineering and was working for a local general contractor, decided to join the business. Shortly thereafter the business was incorporated and the move towards general contracting was begun.

Now in its third generation of operation, DeIulis Brothers Construction is a widely experienced general contracting firm with extensive experience in commercial construction and site development, as well as residential building and development. Since our inception, DeIulis Brothers has been a closely held family business and the owners have been and remain very active in the day to day operations. Principals are involved at every level of the company, from management to field supervision to actual field construction. We offer reliability and accountability.

DeIulis Brothers maintains a permanent workforce of skilled carpenters and masons. Our in-house construction capacity allows us to be responsive to the needs of our clients on projects of any size and complexity. We traditionally perform a high percentage of work with our own forces, including site, concrete, masonry and carpentry. We pride ourselves on our reputation for quality craftsmanship.

We are also a union firm and have in force collective bargaining agreements with several trade unions.