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Renovations to the Corinthian Yacht Club, Marblehead, Massachusetts

Corinthian Yacht Club - Marblehead, MassachusettsThe first phase of the project was completed over the 2002-2003 winter season and involved reconstructing the dining room and function area. Situated 30 feet above the water and directly at the ocean’s edge, this second story section of the building had become structurally unsound. Supported by exposed wood columns and partially resting on a crumbling sea wall, the existing dining room was not easily accessible from the outside of the building. With approximately 100 feet of the building open to the elements, temporary structural supports had to be provided and temporary protections put in place before construction could begin. The following winter DeIulis Brothers continued working on the remainder of the building, providing structural reinforcement, installing new exterior siding and roofing, upgrading building systems, and refurbishing the interior spaces. In addition, the building was made handicap accessible with the installation of an elevator, exterior ramp and handicap bathrooms. DeIulis Brothers used its own forces to complete the key phases of work, including demolition, shoring, site, concrete, masonry and carpentry work on the project.

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Project Summary

This historically significant yacht club, dating to the 1890’s, underwent major renovations that were completed over two successive winters while the Club was closed and all utilities were shut off.

  • Contract Value: $2.8M
  • Completion Date: June, 2004
  • Owner: Corinthian Yacht Club
  • Architect: Erling Falck