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Our Lady of Good Voyage Seaport Shrine Boston, Massachusetts

Located in Boston’s expanding Seaport District, this Shrine was built to replace the Chapel of the same name. In October, 2015 the Archdiocese entered an agreement to sell the Chapel property on Northern Avenue to a developer in exchange for the developer constructing a new building shell on Seaport Boulevard. The Archdiocese awarded DeIulis Brothers the contract to finish the interior of the Shrine, which incorporated many religious furnishings, appointments and artifacts from the Chapel and other area churches that the Archdiocese had closed over the past decade. Designed with a marine theme, in keeping with the Chapel it was replacing, the ceiling gives the appearance of the interior of the hull of a wooden ship. Six model ships hang from the ceiling of the side aisles and other nautical symbols are visible throughout the Nave, derived from the Latin word for ship, a name that honors the original great wooden roofs of the churches of old, built by ship’s carpenters using the skills and ideas they had developed for the building of ship’s hulls. DeIulis Brothers utilized its own carpenter craftsmen to install the wood finishes, including the wood ceiling and trusses that were expertly manufactured by The Anthony Galluzzo Corporation. U.S. Drywall deftly managed the installation of the complex drywall framing and finishes, notably the columns and arches wrapped with GRFC (Glass Reinforced Fiber Composite) to give the appearance of stone, while DiFlumeri Ceramic Tile & Marble installed the extensive marble and tile flooring and meticulously rebuilt, repaired and restored the main marble altar from the former Holy Trinity Parish in Boston.

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